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June 2013 is a milestone in our history. The company POLREF founded in 1994 has resumed its activity under a new name IZOMAR-POLREF. In the middle of the 1990’s POLREF was a provider of refractory for the very first fluidized bed boiler in Poland – OFz-450 in Żerań, a Heat & Power Plant in Warsaw. That was a precursor of the implementation of a new refractory solutions on the Polish energy market.

Currently the main activity of IZOMAR-POLREF focuses on providing of high quality engineering and installation refractory service for industries, where thermal processes require the use of refractory and insulation materials and where investment, repair or modernization projects must be performed safely and in the same time within tight schedules. For our clients we would like to be a partner who deliver a measurable value, e.g. punctuality, equipment availability, etc.